White papers

Wi-Fi & Data:
A Key Business Issue for the Tourism Industry

In this white paper, we invite you to discover the challenges of the tourism industry as well as discover how to reclaim the data to build your attractiveness thanks to a data-driven strategy based on a Wi-Fi proximity marketing.

The path to GDPR-ready
Wi-Fi Hotspots

In this white paper, find out about GDPR compliance issues for Wi-Fi services and get updated on our connectivity and GDPR-Ready proximity marketing solutions.

Take ownership of your data
and drive great value from wi-fi

Discover in this white paper how to understand visitors, adapt an offer to identified expectations and build loyalty by focusing on the value of the relationship.

Wifi Proximity Marketing: Turn your sites into smart, people-focused venues

Discover our White Paper dedicated to contextual marketing, precise and personalized offering an answer adapted to the needs of your customers.